Managing legal spend in your AP system?

Brightflag’s specialized solution could save you significant time and money.
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Systems such as SAP Ariba, NetSuite, and Coupa offer a reliable means of tracking and managing general business spend.

But with a more specialized set of tools, your in-house legal team could unlock a transformative advantage and start enjoying a spend management strategy defined by:
  • Rapid Invoice Review
  • Confident Billing Compliance
  • Powerful Pricing Analytics
  • Finance Team Integration
  • Complete Customer Support

Rapid Invoice Review

Running invoice review through an accounts payable system may add some visibility to the process, but it won’t address efficiency.

Brightflag’s solution starts with A.I. trained to instantly interpret the meaning of each line item and automatically bring any potential billing guideline violations to your attention. For some customers, this innovation alone has reduced their monthly administrative workload by more than 70%.

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Confident Billing Compliance

Some accounts payable tools can be configured to track overall budget compliance, but none are set up to verify whether the billed expenses that become legal spend are compliant to begin with.

Brightflag’s platform is the product of millions of invoices worth of machine learning, helping us enforce guidelines as effectively as your most diligent employee (in a fraction of the time). What’s more, resolving the violations identified along the way typically translates to an average incremental cost savings equal to 5% of outside legal spend.

* Actual cost savings may be higher or lower depending on unique circumstances of your business.

Powerful Pricing Analytics

AP tools can confirm how much you spent with who, but Brightflag’s insights go several layers deeper. Our A.I.-powered invoice review process generates data you can immediately use to analyze blended rates by law firm, practice area, or business region.

You can also share this intelligence across your team by using out-of-the-box templates or creating custom visual reports — all at no additional cost. As a result, you’ll start making resource selection and price negotiation decisions from a much stronger position.

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Finance Team Integration

One of the most important outcomes an accounts payable system achieves is transparency between teams. Brightflag preserves this key quality with a suite of complementary integrations.

By building automated connections between our platform and products like SAP Ariba, NetSuite, and Coupa, finance leaders can easily see all they need to know about legal spend.

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Complete Customer Support

Implementing new technology doesn’t have to be hard. Brightflag designs a personalized onboarding and implementation plan for every customer, helping the vast majority of teams get up and running within 90 days**.

From there, a dedicated Customer Success Manager will continue the partnership by building and monitoring strategies in alignment with your long-term business goals. And while you consistently improve your legal operations, we’ll be working hard to incorporate your feedback into our own product innovations.

** Actual duration may be shorter or longer depending on unique circumstances of your business.

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What industry leaders say

Brightflag has freed up valuable time for my legal team, by modernising invoicing. We were up and running with Brightflag quickly and were soon generating reports that advised our leadership team where to save legal costs and allocate resources.

Kate Carlile, Chief Legal Office at Toll Group

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