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From 60-day migrations and on-demand analytics to PDF compatibility and A.I.-assisted invoice review, Brightflag has become the leading alternative to Serengeti Legal Tracker.
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Serengeti Legal Tracker customers seeking smarter ways to deliver business services have been reevaluating their technology in recent years.

Brightflag offers a promising alternative with a legal spend management solution designed to deliver:
  • Rapid Invoice Review
  • Instant Insights
  • Global Alignment
  • Ongoing Support

Rapid Invoice Review

Our solution starts with A.I. trained to interpret the true meaning, cost, and value of each line item described in legal invoice narratives.

The end result is a dramatic decrease in the number of hours you’ll spend on admin work each month — and an average incremental cost savings equal to 5% of outside legal spend*.

* Actual cost savings may be higher or lower depending on unique circumstances of your business.

Instant Insights

A.I.-powered invoice review naturally generates data you can use to analyze blended rates by law firm, practice area, or business region. This immediately puts you in a stronger position when making decisions on resource selection, price negotiation, and quality of service evaluation.

You can also organize this data into visual reports your colleagues will appreciate. Whether you use out-of-the-box templates or custom assets we create together, these reporting capabilities come at no additional cost.

Global Alignment

From digital invoice formats to local tax laws, going global can impact your legal operations in any number of ways. As a company founded in Europe, we’ve retained a worldly perspective from Day One.

Our platform works just as well with the PDF invoices preferred by many law firms outside the U.S. as it does with LEDES format. And by integrating with your company’s preferred financial management software, Brightflag can automatically enforce tax-compliant billing behavior while tracking cost savings along the way.

Alternative Global Alignment

Ongoing Support

As a Brightflag customer, you can expect a diligent onboarding and implementation plan that gets your team up and running within 60 days**. From there, 24/7 support and a dedicated Customer Success Manager will work with you to build, monitor, and refine strategies that bring you closer to your long-term business goals.

And while we help you improve your legal operations, we’ll also seek your feedback on ways to continue improving our own products.

** Actual duration may be shorter or longer depending on unique circumstances of your business.

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