The TeamConnect alternative you’ve been searching for

Brightflag delivers all of the essentials, none of the headaches, and more of the innovations modern legal teams expect.
TeamConnect alternative


Let Brightflag’s AI-powered software and proactive customer support lead your legal team to a new level of performance.


Modern solutions designed for modern teams

TeamConnect’s history stretches back more than 30 years — and it shows. Clunky controls, costly maintenance, and slow support are consistently cited by Mitratech customers as common frustrations. Brightflag’s technology and team are built to serve today’s business expectations.

TeamConnect alternative

Powerful insight backed by personalized support

Gain complete visibility and develop a data advantage with our out-of-the-box spend analytics and custom reporting tools. Our team will be with you every step of the way to offer proactive training, strategic advice, and immediate support. (Avg. ticket resolution time: 2 hours)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) that’s way more than hype

Our AI-powered legal invoice review routinely reduces admin work by up to 80% and delivers 10% cost savings — even for customers switching over from legacy systems. What’s more, the data created along the way will sharpen strategic decisions around everything from financial forecasts to vendor assessments.

Artificial Intelligence

Specialized to serve global organizations

Mitratech TeamConnect customers cite they struggle to capture and manage global legal spend. Brightflag’s automatic tax compliance engine applies the correct rates to every invoice while our custom workflows eliminate many of the traditional headaches between Legal and Finance.

** Actual duration may be shorter or longer depending on unique circumstances of your business.

global organizations

Switching over is easier than you think

Convinced but concerned about making a change? Our modern software infrastructure and proactive implementation plans enable us to offer lower costs and provide one of the fastest time-to-value in the industry. We work with each organization to ensure transition happens in the shortest time possible.

Laurent Giezendanner
“We are an ambitious team that knew it was time for us to move into a new league of legal operations. Brightflag will help us become a department defined by data-driven decisions, fast responses, and consistently high customer satisfaction.”

— Laurent Giezendanner, Legal Department Change & Transformation Lead

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