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With A.I. at the core, Brightflag’s intelligent invoice review, ease of use, fast implementation, and superior customer support are just some of the reasons why it has become the leading alternative to Serengeti Legal Tracker.

A.I.-Powered Intelligent Invoice Review

Since 2014, Brightflag has been training its proprietary machine learning engine to read and interpret legal invoices. Brightflag uses Natural Language Processing to automatically extract line item narratives from legal invoices and turns them into structured and easily actionable text. The text is then classified into categories using the machine learning model and automatically compared against billing guidelines to flag any violations. This automated approach saves significant time and money for the legal team while offering superior accuracy over traditional invoice review methods.

Complete and Accurate Reporting

The granular data collected for invoice review fuels accurate and powerful reporting that allows legal teams to make smarter decisions that are unmatched by legacy solutions. Legal teams can quickly generate metrics such as blended rates by the firm, costs by region, and matters by practice area. This means you can easily track operating metrics, produce financial reporting packages, and make data-driven decisions about vendor selection, resourcing, and fee models.

Global Ready from Day One

With A.I. at the core, Brightflag can accept invoices in any format: LEDES, PDFs, or scanned invoices. This means significant time savings for both law firms and in-house legal teams. Brightflag ensures that approved invoices aren’t rejected by finance at a later stage by validating that correct global tax amounts have been added to invoices (and are reflected in the vendor-supplied PDF invoices). This also means that Brightflag provides the flexibility to customize your workflows depending on the jurisdiction. For instance, you could permit short-pay invoices from U.S. firms, while enforcing resubmission requirements elsewhere.

Flexible Budgeting and A.I.-Powered Forecasting

Brightflag supports both top-down (e.g., by department, country, or practice group) and bottom-up (by matter or phase) budgeting. Whatever your approach to financial planning, Brightflag also helps you tie everything together and convert it to your preferred currency. In addition, Brightflag leverages big data and machine learning to predict how much spend is likely to be incurred under each budget. This sophisticated technology delivers the legal spend predictability that has eluded in-house teams for decades, creating confidence in cost control initiatives.

A World-class Onboarding and Support Experience

Finally, but critically important, partnering with Brightflag means more than just great software. Our experienced implementation managers can make sure you go live in under 60 days. Brightflag’s intuitive vendor portal is also completely free for law firms to ensure fast adoption. From there, 24/7 support and a dedicated Customer Success Manager will work with you to build, monitor, and refine strategies that bring you closer to your long-term business goals.

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