A.I. Powered Legal Invoice Review

End manual line item checks with an A.I. tool that drives significant savings on legal spend
automated legal invoice review process

Better ROI on Legal Spend

With Brightflag automatically coding every line item, you can achieve savings on your legal spend at an invoice level while gaining access to a rich source of data for strategic decision-making. Use Brightflag’s aggregated reports to evaluate AFAs or hourly rate arrangements, billing efficiencies, and how you resource legal work.

  • Take action on potential savings and billing efficiency at a macro level
  • Set AFAs for particular work types
  • Make informed decisions about how you resource your legal work

The Brightflag Difference

Brightflag uses new A.I. technologies to read and understand the legal work carried out by your outside counsel. Using line item data from invoices, it automatically codes the work carried out using industry standard coding, and checks every line item against your billing guidelines. You receive the most powerful invoice review tool in the market, automating your invoice review process.

Coding your invoice line items lets Brightflag provide you with unprecedented insights for strategic decision making in the form of clear reports. Explore how to improve legal invoice reviews today.

Intelligent Billing Guidelines

Help law firms comply with outside counsel guidelines. Brightflag’s natural language processing technology automatically checks every invoice line item against your billing guidelines, saving your team the time it takes to manually review.

Set up your custom billing guidelines on items such as travel time, research, internal communications, and more. As Brightflag reviews invoices you’ll get spend reports to help you optimize your guidelines further.

Improved user experience

Automate Invoice Approvals

With Brightflag’s A.I. technology reviewing every invoice, you can confidently set up automatic approvals on invoices vetted by Brightflag. If you have issues that always require adjustment or querying with your outside counsel, the Brightflag software takes care of that too. Free up your team’s time by setting up touchless invoice processing and ensure your lawyers only need to put eyes on an invoice when it’s valuable for them to do so.

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