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Legal e-billing is 20 years old.

A lot has changed in the world of legal services since legal e-billing software made its debut two decades ago. Well, everything except the technology itself, that is.

Legal e-billing software was created to digitize the billing process. The early players have since added some basic productivity features and reports to their platforms, but today they represent a tactical solution to a problem solved a decade ago.

What does it mean to manage your legal spend?

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Diligently Control Costs

Budgets are being cut even as legal caseloads surge. In-house teams are under incredible pressure to clarify forecasts and reduce costs.

Strategically Resource Work

Should a matter be instructed out or resourced internally? If instructed out, which vendor should do the work and which fee model should be used?

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Consistently Deliver Value

Ultimately, in-house legal teams want to become better business partners by delivering the strongest legal advice and the greatest financial value.

Clarify your perspective to strengthen your position.

You can't control what you can't see. Brightflag captures and structures legal spend data, putting in-house legal teams in a position to operate their department and make decisions with data-driven confidence.

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Find savings at every step with the help of AI.

From matter budgets to invoice review, Brightflag’s AI-powered legal spend management software makes it easy to manage spend in an efficient manner. Many customers achieve savings of 10% or more — even if upgrading from a legacy legal e-billing system.

Free yourself from repetitive administrative work.

Reviewing invoices. Chasing vendors for status updates and accruals. Running the same reports every month. Many customers reduce these types of administrative work by 80% thanks to Brightflag’s AI-powered legal bill review software.

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Sharpen your vendor selection and price negotiation skills.

Smart procurement decisions are underpinned by data. Brightflag captures a range of quantitative and qualitative data points to identify the vendors that deliver the strongest legal advice and greatest financial value.

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Kate Carlile
Brightflag has freed up valuable time for my legal team by modernizing invoicing. We were up and running with Brightflag quickly and were soon generating reports that advised our leadership team where to save legal costs and allocate resources.

— Kate Carlile, Chief Legal Officer

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