E-Billing and Automated Accruals for Legal Teams

100% visibility on your legal spend with streamlined spend management and smart workflows.
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Automated spend management

Automate your legal spend management process. Easy invoice submission, approvals and payment means happy outside counsel, productive in-house lawyers and a good relationship with finance.

Review Automated Invoice Approvals
  • Set up invoice approval workflows with ease
  • Streamline approval of timekeeper rates - no more working out of spreadsheets
  • Ensure automated and on-time collection of accruals data
  • Built with regional firms and tax compliance in mind

Link Legal and Finance

Get your finance team on the same page by integrating Brightflag with your business spend management or accounts payable software.

Flexible AP route options ensure invoices get paid fast, in the format AP need.

Send finance the data they need on accruals using automated accruals report – the process runs smoothly every accrual period with no manual intervention.

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Outside Counsel Management

With Brightflag, your outside counsel get access to their own dedicated portal for managing invoicing, accruals, timekeepers and matter activity.

We work with your outside counsel to get them up and running on their complimentary Brightflag account so both of you remove the time spent chasing a paper trail with a shared view of all legal work.

E-Billing Outside Counsel Management. E-Billing Outside Counsel Management

Actionable insights on your spend

With Brightflag’s out-of-the-box reporting, understand your spend by month, outside counsel blended rates and resourcing trends all with the click of a button. Ensure you get the full picture of your spending with automated accrual reporting. Gain business intelligence specific to your department with custom reporting capabilities.

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Get on Top of Accruals

Brightflag sends automated reminders to outside counsel for financial updates on work in progress.

Obtain full visibility on your legal spend to better manage outside counsel relationships and project scope without chasing your contacts for accruals information.

Integration AP spend management platform overview integration

Accurately Budget and Forecast

Give your team the option to pre-vet accruals data before it is submitted to AP for accurate accruals estimates.

Brightflag helps the legal and finance departments gain a common understanding of legal spend. Accurate, on-demand legal financial data allows you to forecast more confidently without any surprises.

The Brightflag Difference

Brightflag e-billing comes with industry-leading A.I. technologies as standard. With Brightflag, you can achieve common efficiencies around digitizing spend management, while also gaining a much higher ROI than legacy systems through automated invoice review, enforcement of your billing guidelines and pricing analytics using Brightflag’s unique dataset.

Establish Billing Guidelines

Brightflag allows you and your legal team to establish customizable billing guidelines to be reviewed against your invoices. Your requirements can vary from matter to matter and Brightflag is flexible with the ability to establish multiple sets of guidelines. Check out our sample guidelines below.

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What industry leaders say

Brightflag has freed up valuable time for my legal team, by modernising invoicing. We were up and running with Brightflag quickly and were soon generating reports that advised our leadership team where to save legal costs and allocate resources.

Kate Carlile, Chief Legal Officer at Toll Group

What can Brightflag do for you?

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