Modern Matter Management

The intelligent system of record for matter intake, visibility, and management
corporate lawyer project management

Your live command center for legal operations

Streamline your processes and collaborate internally and with outside counsel by establishing a center of command for your legal team
  • Establish your system of record with add, edit, and search for matters
  • Bespoke templates for different practice areas and automate matter workflows
  • Matter budgets and invoice review help you control spend
  • Matter activities and work phases give you real time visibility

Matter Intake on Your Terms

Use Brightflag’s flexible matter intake workflows to capture matter data that suits your business. Capture risk and complexity upfront to ensure your team are doing high-impact work.

Create unique matter templates for different types of legal work. Add custom fields to your matters so your team can enter, add, and edit suitable data points.

matter intake on your terms

The Day-to-Day Companion for Lawyers

Easily find the matters you're working on, access all matter notes and documents, and manage tasks. Build the right matter teams with in-house and outside counsel leads.

Manage scope by updating specific details like budget, complexity, and risk scores so your team has up to date records without referencing other systems.

Assign outside counsel to matters and collaborate with them on project planning.

Analyze Matter Data to Inform Strategic Decisions

Gain immediate oversight over open matters. Keep up to date on your most important matters with dashboard views.

Automate status reports and achieve 100% visibility on your team’s work.

Understand open matters per in-house lawyer, cycle times and external counsel matter spend. Use Brightflag’s A.I. assisted matter analytics to make strategic decisions to automate, outsource, or own elements of work.

matter management data analysis

The Brightflag Difference

A.I. assisted matter intake leverages Brightflag’s unique dataset to inform smart matter opening. During the matter intake process, it gives you the data at your fingertips to answer questions like:

Should I engage outside counsel on this matter?

Which outside counsel is best placed to do the work?

What should my project plan look like?

What should the budget be for this matter?

The Brightflag data is used at the matter intake stage, to inform project scope and pricing, as the matter progresses to manage scope and budget, and at the strategic level to inform in-house vs external resourcing decisions.

legal operations dashboard

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