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In-House Outliers

In-House Outliers is a legal podcast which will be interviewing those who have taken an unconventional path and challenged conventional notions on how in-house #legalops should operate today.

Meet the host

Alex Kelly is a corporate lawyer and Brightflag’s COO and Co-Founder. After working in leading European law firm Matheson for a number of years, Alex co-founded Brightflag to improve the relationship between in-house legal teams and their outside counsel.

Episode 1

In this first episode, Alex interviews Stephanie Corey, Co founder of Uplevel Ops and CLOC. You’ll learn from Stephanie about her successes and lessons learned in legal operations and what she thinks are the most important qualities to building a successful career in legal ops.

Episode 2

In episode two, Alex interviews Tim Casey, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Numotion. Tim discusses his journey, sharing why he waited to go to law school and how self reflection and learning has been a tool that has helped him to build his career path in law.

Episode 3

In episode three, Alex interviews Mike Naughton, Vice President of Marketing at xMentium and a pioneer in the legal ops industry. Mike shares his path, discussing his early learnings with working with lawyers and the DNA that makes a forward thinking general counsel. He also discusses how to use other industries as inspiration to solve the major problems that legal ops professionals face today.

Episode 4

In this episode, Alex interviews Aine Lyons, VP and Deputy General Counsel, Global Legal Operations at VMware. Aine talks about how she found her calling in legal ops and the biggest lessons she learned throughout her career. She also shares the qualities that she thinks make a great legal ops professional.

Episode 5

In this episode, Alex interviews Mary O’Carroll, Chief Community Officer at Ironclad. Mary needs no introduction, as she is a powerhouse in the legal operations industry. Mary talks about her career path and her advice for legal operations professionals to grow within the industry. She also speaks to what has driven the massive growth of legal operations today.

Episode 6

In this episode, Alex interviews Don Keller, Founder of Joinder. Don shares the reasons he became a lawyer, the benefits Joinder has provided to legal teams, and some of Joinder’s key accomplishments so far.