Looking For a SimpleLegal Alternative?

Brightflag is easy-to-use software built for the complexities of growing a global business.

Everybody wants a simple solution, but with ongoing complexities and pace of business, simple alone isn’t enough; you need a solution that understands your business and is flexible enough to better support and grow with you, every step of the way.

Growing Businesses Choose Brightflag

Fast Starts, Flexible Solutions

Powerful standard features and expert implementation managers will get you up and running quicker than the competition. From there, we’ll continue configuring the platform and engineering workflows that helps your team stay ahead of the curve.

AI to Power Your Operations

Since 2014, Brightflag customers have been leveraging the best machine learning innovations in the industry to gain unprecedented insights, automate repetitive tasks, and control business outcomes.

Immediate Global Advantages

Multinational is the only way Brightflag has ever done business. That’s why our solution is compatible with every invoice format (PDF, LEDES, and scanned) and automatically accounts for such complexities as tax calculation, currency conversion, and vendor management.

Invested in Your Success

Partnering with Brightflag gets you more than just great software. We’re a team of legal and technology experts committed to solving urgent issues and shaping long-term success. You’ll enjoy access to global support and a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will work with you to build, monitor, and refine impactful business strategies (at absolutely no additional charge).

Growing Businesses Choose Brightflag

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