Legal Department Productivity

Help your team eliminate more low-value tasks and make more high-impact decisions with the new formula for efficient legal operations.
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Empower Your Partners

Confidently manage requests from across your organization by creating matter intake workflows that quickly record all the essential info.

Then help your law firms help you by giving them a simple, centralized way to submit invoices for payment. The Brightflag platform supports multiple invoice formats (PDF or LEDES) and even verifies proper tax calculations.

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Minimize Review Requirements

Invoice review shouldn’t take over your entire calendar. Our A.I.-assisted solution rapidly interprets narrative descriptions, categorizing the associated services against the broadest and deepest legal taxonomy in the world.

Invoice line items are then automatically rejected, approved, or flagged for additional human review in accordance with your legal billing guidelines. That ultimately means fewer non-compliant expenses — all identified and resolved in a fraction of the time.

Accelerate Approval Workflows

Sending every single invoice down the exact same path is not just inefficient, it’s unnecessary. Smart software now offers faster ways to ensure compliance.

You can create custom routing rules to skip or add approval steps based on invoice value, billing compliance, matter type, and more. And by integrating Brightflag with your finance tools, you’ll start getting payments out the door days sooner.

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Access Insight Instantly

Don’t spend hours sifting through spreadsheets when it’s time to report progress. Monitor your operations continuously with real-time data you can use to further refine performance.

Leverage one of our many out-of-the-box templates, or build your own customizations at no additional cost. Then save yourself even more time by scheduling recurring reports and setting up email notifications for your colleagues.


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What industry leaders say

"Brightflag has freed up valuable time for my legal team by modernizing invoicing. We were up and running with Brightflag quickly and were soon generating reports that advised our leadership team where to save legal costs and allocate resources."

Kate Carlile, Chief Legal Officer at Toll Group

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