Legal Spend Management

Bring clarity to budget reporting, eliminate billing errors, and unlock unexpected savings with Brightflag.

Set Smarter Budgets

Quickly account for costs you’ve already incurred with automated accruals management. Then break down your projected spend by matter, phase, or time period.

Monitor progress via visual dashboards that help keep everyone accountable. Or, better yet, create custom alerts that automatically notify you when a certain budget threshold has been hit.


open matters and invoices for corporate lawyers

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Our A.I. rapidly interprets legal service descriptions and automatically enforces your billing guidelines. The combined effect is an invoice review process that’s more accurate and efficient than even the most diligent employee could hope to be.

This innovation alone routinely saves our customers 5% or more on their annual legal spend. In several cases, though, the associated time savings have proven to be even more impactful.

Instantly Report Progress

See exactly where you stand at any moment with real-time analytics. Easily track budget progress from your dashboard or drill down into spend by business department, law firm, matter type, and more.

In addition to those out-of-the-box templates, you can also create customized reports at no additional cost. Once everything is tailored to your liking, you can schedule recurring reports and even route them directly to your colleagues via email.

Refine Resourcing Strategies

Translating legal activity into actionable data creates a significant competitive advantage. Suddenly you’ll have the ability to evaluate relationships based on objective insights rather than gut instincts.

Our customers commonly use their newfound data to strengthen law firm performance criteria, propose alternative fee arrangements, and make the case for internal hires. But the potential applications for this asset will only continue growing over time.


strategic legal resourcing for general counsel

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