The Modern Alternative to TyMetrix

With A.I.-assisted legal bill review, on-demand reporting, and peerless customer support, legal leaders are recognizing Brightflag as the modern alternative to Tymetrix.
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With the business expectations around their teams rising, more TyMetrix customers are realizing that their technology has been standing still.

Brightflag was founded on a more modern philosophy, offering an alternative approach to legal spend management that's designed for:
  • lawyers
    Confident Invoice Review
  • legal reporting solutions
    Powerful Pricing Analytics
  • Instant Reporting Capabilities
  • Enjoyable User Experiences
  • outside counsel relationships
    Long-Term Customer Success

Confident Invoice Review

TyMetrix applies attorney billing guidelines solely by scanning invoices for keywords. Considering the range of different phrases law firms may use to describe their work, though, non-compliant expenses will often slip through this system.

Brightflag’s solution is born from artificial intelligence trained to interpret the true meaning of each line item and maximize billing compliance. The result? A fast, accurate invoice review process — and an average incremental cost savings equal to 5% of outside legal spend*.

* Actual cost savings may be higher or lower depending on unique circumstances of your business.

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Powerful Pricing Analytics

TyMetrix customers looking for insights into their legal spend face an uphill battle. They’ll have to purchase, integrate, and configure a web of related products before getting basic insights out of the core platform.

Brightflag’s A.I.-led invoice reviews naturally generate data customers can use to analyze blended rates by law firm, practice area, and geography. So whether you’re focusing on resource selection or price negotiation, our insights will be there to point you in the direction of the right decision.

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Instant Reporting Capabilities

TyMetrix doesn’t make it easy to collaborate between departments. Its customers can expect added fees and lengthy waits if they want help building reports ready to share with Finance.

Brightflag offers that ability on-demand and at no additional cost. You can borrow one of our out-of-the-box templates, schedule recurring reports, or work with our team to tailor something that fits your custom requirements.

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Enjoyable User Experiences

Legal billing and matter management don't have to be as hard as TyMetrix make them feel. With a more modern set of tools, complaints from colleagues and partner firms can be a thing of the past.

Brightflag’s engineering team operates with one motto in mind: Help users get in, get out, and get back to work fast. Our easy onboarding and clear controls are designed to minimize your time spent in the software and maximize your focus on more strategic tasks.

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Long-Term Customer Success

All software providers say they want their customers to be successful, but Brightflag acts on that ambition in a way most don’t.

Before you’ve even made a purchase, our experts take the time to understand your unique circumstances and offer advice on where we may be able to add value.

As a customer, you can expect a diligent implementation plan that gets you up and running within 90 days**, as well as a dedicated Customer Success Manager responsible for moving you closer to your goals.

And while we’re working on improving your legal operations, you can trust that we’ll also be working on innovating our own platform for your benefit.

** Actual duration may be shorter or longer depending on unique circumstances of your business.

What industry leaders say

Brightflag has freed up valuable time for my legal team, by modernising invoicing. We were up and running with Brightflag quickly and were soon generating reports that advised our leadership team where to save legal costs and allocate resources.

Kate Carlile, Chief Legal Officer at Toll Group

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