Why Brightflag

Learn more about the philosophy and features powering our next-generation legal spend management platform.
why brightflag
Corporate legal teams operate best when supported by technology that eliminates low-value tasks and enhances high-impact decisions.

That’s why Brightflag is designed to deliver:
  • Unrivaled Invoice Review
  • Flawless Financial Partnership
  • Impactful Data Analysis
  • Continuous Customer Support

Unrivaled Invoice Review

More legal department leaders are recognizing invoice review as the kind of tedious, repetitive task that could be accelerated by modern technology. Select the wrong software, though, and they could lose accuracy while gaining speed.

Brightflag offers the best of both worlds with an automated invoice review solution based on the broadest and deepest work classification system available. Instead of relying solely on UTBMS codes, or on simple keyword searches, our machine learning engine analyzes every line of narrative description to interpret the true meaning — and value — of each invoice submitted.

After automatically comparing the findings against legal billing guidelines, our platform flags potentially non-compliant services for additional human review and routes the rest directly to Finance. The end result is a process that saves legal staff hours each week while helping departments avoid what could otherwise become millions of dollars in unnecessary expense each year.

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Flawless Financial Partnership

Legal and Finance tend to share several mutual goals but few common tools. Brightflag bridges this gap with solutions that makes it easy for each side to adapt to the other.

Rigorous invoice review starts the partnership on the right foot, giving legal teams complete confidence in their spend summaries and forecasts. Pulling and presenting that data is also easier than ever thanks to the recurring reports, out-of-the-box templates, and customizable dashboards made freely available to all Brightflag customers.

Custom approval workflows and direct integration with accounts payable tools help get payments out the door in record time. And our specialized accruals management and tax compliance components simplify the administration of complex global operations.

Ingegration chart

Impactful Data Insights

Achieving operational efficiency and financial predictability is a transformative outcome for our customers, but it can’t be the finish line. Brightflag ultimately exists to help legal departments play a more strategic role within their organizations.

The transition starts with transparency. By turning narrative descriptions into practical data, our A.I. solution offers legal leaders a completely new way to evaluate the nature and value of work being done within their departments. Blended rates by firm, costs by region, and matters by practice area are just a few of the dozens of instantly accessible insights that can fuel evidence-based strategies.

And when the resulting resource selection, price negotiation, and risk profiling decisions deliver unexpected new value, leaders across departments will see Legal in a whole new light.

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Continuous Customer Support

Brightflag knows that making customers successful requires more than just building smart software. We view each new customer as a long-term partner and we act accordingly.

The first step is a personalized onboarding plan which accounts for all the people, processes, and tools impacting the legal department. This early diligence ensures the vast majority of customers are up, running, and realizing results within 90 days.

From there a dedicated Customer Success Manager will monitor progress, review quarterly performance, and recommend strategic adjustments. And for more immediate issues, we’re available 24/7 to support both corporate legal teams and their partner law firms.

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What industry leaders say

Brightflag has freed up valuable time for my legal team, by modernising invoicing. We were up and running with Brightflag quickly and were soon generating reports that advised our leadership team where to save legal costs and allocate resources.

Kate Carlile, Chief Legal Officer at Toll Group

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